6 Secret Android Tips & Tricks You Should Know in 2023

We all use Android phones and do many things on it, but there are some things that we do not know about and are very important. Today I will tell you about six amazing Android tricks and tips which are very simple and very useful. Many of these are such things that many people are also aware of. But there are many people who do not know this. And they are not using them yet.

6 Secret Android Tips & Tricks You Should Know in 2023
6 Secret Android Tips & Tricks You Should Know


The first thing you took this special for those people where for example if you live in a family where your phone is taken from you again and again. To do some work, here I will tell you a feature that is present in all Android phones to secure your privacy. Its name is guest mode. There is no need to do anything about this. No need to be some pro. Down on the notification panel, you will get a profile option tap on it here. You will see those things. One, you are yourself who is using your Android phone right now, all the files, all the apps, secondly you get guest mode, as soon as you go on this, friends, it will completely create a new Android phone. Think like this, here you will find everything new in it. Gmail will also remain signed out. You will have to enter the new Gmail manually. Go to the Play Store and then install new apps. It will seem that brother, this is a completely new phone, it will look like it has been formatted, then you go and give it to someone else, he will use it. He will not be able to access any of your files. When you get it, come back to your profile, then guest mode will be as your phone was. Very simple things, very good things and sometimes not so useful. I know that there is no limit.


After that, if there is Wi-Fi in your house and you feel that my Wi-Fi password has been compromised somewhere and you suspect that many people are using it, then simply install the Fin app from the Play Store. I use it too. After grounding the mission at a certain location, it will automatically tell you how many uses are connected to your Wi-Fi. And the good thing here is that when you come to know that many people are extra, you can go there and count them. I have done this to many people, so this is a very good thing to keep your wife safe. came from? You kicked him out. Very nice app. Very few people know about it. Especially if you have Wi-Fi at home, use this app, you will be safe.


Let's talk about some keyboard hacks, especially it works on Google keyboard. Let me show you a great shortcut. If you open notepad on your phone, it opens like a keyboard. Entered below, then hold the pressure, you will see an icon with a hand. Your keyboard will tap on it, which will shrink. Well it's for the right hand if you want. If you want it to come in the lift, then tap on the lift. He will come on the lift. If you have to type single handedly then this is a great shortcut. You can use it. Not only this, below you get another third option. If you tap on it, you can move the keyboard. According to you on the screen, you feel that this is a comfortable area where I can type well, then your keyboard will come there. if you are single There is a habit of typing often and the normal key is large, so this is a good method that you can use.


Now this is what I use it myself and it works on all fingerprints. Whether it is under display, side mounted, ear fingerprint, see friends, if you want your fingerprint to become even more accurate, then what should you do? For example, I will give you this thumb of my left hand, so what will I do? Back when I go to the fingerprint section. To register fingerprint I go to add fingerprint Will have to register again on the same date. This time I will do it from a different angle. You are understanding that earlier also it belonged to the same. I will do this twice as well. What happens with this friends, does your accuracy become even faster when you unlock the phone? If you compare it beforehand, if you feel that there is a slight issue in the unlock somewhere in the fingerprint in your phone. Try this once, it used to happen in my phone earlier. After I registered two fingers, there was not much problem after that. There is a simple that you go and try it.


This trick is actually very useful for me. Will not ask you again and again which browser to open. In the same way, you can set the second one for the dialer as well. In the same way you can also set for particular apps. Whenever I click on those things it will open in that. Will not ask me again and again from where to open. A very good trick, useful and very fast, use this. Default apps are sometimes very useful.


Finally this trick is simple, but still many people do not use it, so thought I would have reminded you. If you want all the files in your phone to be always safe But still many people do not use it, so thought I would remind you. If you want all the files in your phone to be always safe But still many people do not use it, so thought I would remind you. If you want all the files in your phone to be always safe So you simply go to the settings of your phone. Go to Google, there you get the option of backup. All the files in your phone will be backed up here and immediately like if you get a new phone, enter your Gmail ID, then you can restore it by coming here. With this, all the files you had backed up on friends' Wanklik earlier, you can directly restore them by coming here. If you buy a new phone, many people still do not use this option of 200. There is a very interesting thing, from here to old to new phone, you can immediately move your files. Can restore and also tell you about a bonus trick.

Bonus Trick

Basically, whenever you get notifications on your phone, sometimes we swipe them by mistake. Then we get tensed that friend, which notification was this that I swiped. Sometimes there are also important things in this to not worry. You go to the Play Store and get the cap by locking the notification. This is completely free. Install it, after that whatever notification you have swiped by mistake, you will see the log of all those notifications that came here. means you will know which notifications have come and which one did I swipe by mistake. You will see it here. It is a very good app, very useful app, where you can check out the information that comes from all your notifications through this app.


So guys this was the six android hacks tricks that I think you should use. Somewhere friends, this thing will help you and if you get help, if you like something from this blog, then share this article to your friends. Share this blog, will keep bringing more such interesting blogs for you. till then always

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